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Groningen, 22 February 2018 – Claxe, the first European competition-monitoring tool, was launched on 22 February. The tool allows you to gain insight into what your competition is up to. Or in other words, this business search engine will flag up anything new. What are the current market players adding to the services or products they offer? What are the upcoming trends? What does the overseas market look like?

Scanning new content

Where other packages concentrate on online reputation, social media or price monitoring, Claxe specifically focuses on the competition’s moves in terms of content. Claxe monitors the competitors identified by the user when it comes to their new products, brands and services. Claxe presents all the latest developments in a daily overview.

Claxe press screenshot

Follow market movements

A tool just to help you copy the competition? “No, absolutely not!” explains founder Henk Jan Bijmolt: “By using this tool you will very quickly discover where your competition's focus lies. This will enable you to determine your own direction even better. By monitoring on average six close competitors, companies will rapidly acquire insight into market movements, quickly discover trends and become inspired to act. Keeping abreast of who is the most active in your sector and who the least, can also arm you with vital market information on what others are planning.”

Bijmolt continues: “Users quickly see what's happening in their market thanks to the easy-to- read graphic presentation. You will have a handle on how the market is developing within minutes. So no endless lists with unfathomable reports. With the built-in list feature you can immediately make action lists.”

“In addition, the tool can also be used to take a peek behind the scenes of players in other countries. Above all, it works for a multitude of sectors, from web shops to insurers and from tour operators to telecom suppliers,” , eindigt Bijmolt.

concludes Bijmolt. For anyone wishing to test the tool, this start-up company offers a 'not happy within 30 days - money back' policy. More information can be found on