Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sectors is the Claxe tool suitable for?
For all sectors. With Claxe, every company with a website offering products, services or other forms of content can quickly discover all the latest information. Many web shops for example use Claxe. Insurers and news services have also found their way to the new tool.
What is Claxe’s aim?
To offer inspiration and deliver insight into what other players in your field are centring on.
How anonymous will I be when using Claxe?
We guarantee full privacy for all our clients. You will never be visible to other players in your sector. We never mention our clients by name. Not even in a telephone conversation as an example case.
How current is Claxe?
Our servers work hard every night. Every day we offer fresh overviews of newly discovered content.
Is there a free version of Claxe available?
Claxe is not free, however we do offer a 'not happy within 30 days - money back' guarantee. You can also cancel the service on a monthly basis. We will only enquire about your reasons for cancelling to help us improve the software.
How do I pay?
Payment is one month in advance, by iDEAL or credit card.
Can you also offer these services to cover foreign websites?
Yes, the tool is not language dependent.
What kind of techniques do you employ?
We only use legal techniques, for example ‘spidering’, similar to the method used by the Google robot.
Do you offer tailored solutions?
Yes, the Claxe technology has a wide range of possibilities and applications. Please contact us for customised solutions.
Can the tool also track product price changes?
Yes, this is possible in most cases. Please contact us for this.
What is NOT possible with Claxe?
It is not possible to fully absorb extremely large websites such as or into your account. This can be done with a sub category, however.