About us

How the Claxe tool was created

Internet entrepreneur Henk Jan Bijmolt and programmer André Steenbergen met up again in 2016. Ten years previously they jointly developed Cleafs affiliate network, which was sold to the German listed company Sedo Group in 2013.

When they ran into each other in 2016, both were looking for a new software challenge. Henk Jan floated the following idea: "Wouldn't it be great to make a saas tool that keeps you up to speed about anything new on certain websites?" And Andre of course just went ahead and created it.

That is how Calqo BV was born. After almost a year of structuring the algorithms, we are now making quite a splash with our Claxe software. We are proud of the inspiration and insight Claxe is providing our wide range of clients. Claxe is on the move. We are expanding Claxe's saas tool further by adding new features. Don’t miss out on any news or updates. Follow us on twitter or facebook.


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